Cost Estimate Request

Anaesthetic Cost Estimate

  • All cost estimate requests must be submitted 48h prior to the procedure via the form below.
  • This ‘cost estimate’ is valid for two weeks.
  • This is an estimate only and is inclusive of VAT. It is an approximate fee and is subject to change depending on the duration of the procedure, or any additional factors described under Fees Charged by Your Anaesthesiologist.
  • The estimate is for the proposed surgery only. In the unlikely event that complications arise that require further surgery, then additional costs may be incurred.
  • The member is responsible for obtaining authorisation from their own medical aid and to advise the practice thereof.
  • Irrespective of the authorisation of the procedure and the promises to pay by the medical aid, the account remains the sole responsibility of the patient and the main member.
  • You are therefore advised to check what benefits your medical aid will pay.
  • Please feel free to discuss tariff rates and queries with your anaesthesiologist, as you remain personally responsible for the account.
  • All private paying patients should contact Southern Anaesthetics for a cost estimate and settle the account at the time of surgery.
  • The Southern Anaesthetic associate may offer a discount for early payment.
  • See Fees Charged by Your Anaesthesiologist for details on the components of the anaesthetic fee and management of accounts.

Estimate Information Sheet